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    What could the potential cost of mechanical repairs be throughout the ownership of a vehicle?


    Like most insurance products, we really don't think we're going to have to claim but feel safe knowing that it's there if something goes wrong.


    If you get involved in a car accident (whether it's your fault or not), you know that after any excess payable, the insurer is going to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


    The same applies to mechanical car problems. What, my comprehensive car insurance doesn't cover that you say. Well no, it doesn't.


    So, there are products available that will cover the majority of problems with your car. Some of those media/navigation systems are thousands of dollars to replace and if you're outside the manufacturer warranty, do you have the funds to repair it?

    An extended warranty is a good way to plan for the unexpected because cars are now full of modern electronics and we all know, they're not infallible.


    Always read the PDS to ensure you know what you're covered for because there are different extended warranty's products in the market. There are so many extended warranty products out in the market.


    Are you getting the right cover?


    Have a read of our FAQ page HERE.


    Don't get caught with the wrong cover or warranty supplier.


    Always read the PDS to ensure the cover is right for you. Click on our products page to see the cover options and PDS'.



  • We 'lift the hood' today with......


    Buying a Used Car?


    Some motor dealers will provide a limited warranty period but what will happen after that?


    If it's outside the manufacturer warranty, you won't have any cover.



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