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Car Cover Pty Ltd (ABN 72 614 587 227) (AR 1249208) is an authorised representative of Eric Insurance Limited. As a distributor of high quality insurance and warranty, we offer products that are available for purchase through our online portal that has been designed specifically for ease of use.
Proudly Australian owned and operated, our aim is to provide drivers with an additional level of coverage for their vehicles. We believe that car owners deserve a worry-free driving experience, and we strive to maintain the prime service to fulfil this need.

Rest easy knowing that the cost of repairs following a mechanical failure, or a mechanical breakdown, will be available, as detailed in our Product Disclosure Statement., a 100% online service, facilitates quick access to quotes and the purchasing of policy cover, at a speed encumbered only by how fast you can type.
As one of the first Australian companies that offers vehicle owners this type of service, allows you to purchase an extended warranty cover from Eric Insurance Limited.
Eric Insurance Limited (ABN 18 009 129 793) (AFSL 238279) is an insurance company that has been part of the motor vehicle industry for almost 30 years, and wholly Australian owned, with Eric Insurance Limited you know that you'll be receiving insurance you can count on.

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