What European Vehicle Makes & Models are Eligible for Cover?

Editorial Consumer Information 3.3.2022

mycarwarranty.com.au can provide manufacturer-type* warranty for most European vehicles.


Click on the vehicle Makes to the right to see eligible models. Some models may exceed the insurer's capping limit. We can discuss options if this occurs.


If your make/model isn't listed on the right or doesn't form part of the Ineligible Vehicle List, please send us an emailand we'll endeavour to locate some cover for your vehicle.


* Always refer to the PDS for clarification on what's covered.




LAND ROVER (incl. Range Rover)





Ineligible Vehicle List - click here

European Vehicle Warranty. AUDI Extended Warranty, BMW Extended Warranty, Jaguar Extended Warranty, Land Rover Extended Warranty, Range Rover Extended Warranty, Mercedes Extended Warranty, MINI Extended Warranty, Porsche Extended Warranty, Volkswagen Extended Warranty. BMW M Series Extended Warranty available for Most Models. Mercedes AMG Extended Warranty Available for most Models.