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mycarwarranty.com.au facilitates quick access to manufacturer-like vehicle warranty through quotes and the purchasing of policy cover, at a speed encumbered only by how fast you can type.


As one of the first Australian companies that offer vehicle owners this type of service, mycarwarranty.com.au allows you to purchase car warranty cover from one of three Australian warranty providers.


There is a range of warranty extension options, which can provide you with protection for the costs of unforeseen vehicle mechanical and electrical failure during the period of cover.



  • Manufacturer Like Warranty
  • Australia Wide Cover
  • Servicing can be done by any Licenced Mechanic
  • No Additional Servicing Requirements. Follow Manufacturer Recommendations only*
  • Claim Repairs can be performed at the Manufacturer's Dealership (Service Centre)*
  • Unlimited Kilometres
  • No Annual Kilometre Limit
  • No Excess on Claims
  • Claim Limits - dependant on the cover
  • No Existing Manufacturer or Dealer Statutory Warranty Required to Purchase Cover
  • Terms up to 60 Months (dependant on vehicle age and kms)
  • No Paperwork Required Upon a Claim
  • No Vehicle Inspections Required
  • Additional Benefits:

   - Towing 

   - Car Rental 

   - Accommodation

  • Payment Instalment Plans Available

*Please review individual covers for specified requirements


The supplier's systems will determine what cover and term are available based on the Make, Model, Age and Kilometres travelled.



 What is a Car Warranty Extension or Extended Car Warranty?

A car warranty extension or extended car warranty is normally an extension of cover that is similar or like your manufacturer's warranty but with some exclusions for general wear and tear items (i.e glass, trim, paint, panel, tyres, exhaust and battery). The cover provides for the repair or replacement of mechanical and electrical failure or breakdown. Occasionally customers find themselves with an unexpected mechanical failure. Depending on the kind of failure, this may result in a substantial unplanned financial outlay. Eric Insurance offers a range of extended warranty options, which can provide you with protection for the costs of unforeseen mechanical failure during the period of cover. 

Features and Benefits


Purchasing a vehicle can be one of the most important investments in an adult's life. Like other investments of a similar magnitude, protection is something that often isn't even up for debate. Don't let an unprecedented mechanical/electrical failure or breakdown set you back. Plan for the worst, so if it does occur, you aren't left in the lurch with exorbitant repair and labour costs.

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We provide a warranty quote in just a few easy steps, that often takes less than 30 seconds of your time.

Through a quoting function, mycarwarranty.com.au utilises your vehicle's registration plate number, to garner your vehicle's information. In some cases, we may not be able to obtain the vehicle information from the registration number and we ask to send more details about the vehicle variant.

At mycarwarranty.com.au you can purchase a range of extended car warranty covers for new, used or second-hand vehicles. With only a small number of extended warranty providers left in Australia, we have access to all of them. The extended warranty covers are like or similar to that of a Manufacturer warranty but exclude cover for general wear and tear. You can obtain an extended car warranty quote by clicking HERE. Buy extended car warranty cover for new, used or second-hand cars from the experts in Australia.


General Advice Warning: These product covers are provided by Car Cover Pty Ltd as Authorised Representative (AR 1249208) for eric Insurance Limited (AFSL 238279), Australian Warranty Network Pty Ltd (AFSL 246469) and Integrity Car Care Pty Ltd (AFSL 247069). The products and features contained are a guide only and may contain general advice which does not take into account personal financial circumstances. The relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) should be considered prior to making a purchase decision about a product. As benefits available are subject to change without notice, please refer to the PDS/FSG for terms, conditions and cover availability. Quotes are valid for 30 days or if there has been a change in the odometer reading.