Frequently Answered Questions About Extended Car Warranty's

What is a Car Warranty Extension or Extended Car Warranty?
Should I Buy a Car Extended Warranty or Warranty Extension?
Can I Buy an Extended Car Warranty or Warranty Extension?
Is an Extended Car Warranty or Warranty Extension Worth It?
What Sort of Warranty do you offer? Is it a ‘Component’ Warranty or Dealer Contract Warranty?
What am I Covered for?
What am I not Covered for?
What are the Vehicle Servicing Requirements?
How does the Warranty Extension compare to the Manufacturer’s ‘Branded’ Extended Warranty’s?
Can I Cancel my Warranty Cover and Policy?
What if my Vehicle has not been Serviced According to the Manufacturers Guidelines prior to me Purchasing Cover?
What Warranty Cover Periods do you Offer?
What Payment Options do you Offer?
My Car is Still Under Manufacturers Warranty Cover. What Happens When it Ends and I Have Purchased Cover From
I Purchased a Used Car from a Dealer Recently that has a Period of Manufacturer Warranty Cover Still Available. Can you Provide Cover?
I Purchased a Used Car from a Dealer Recently and there is No Manufacturer Warranty Cover Still Available. Can you Provide Cover?
I Purchased a Used Car Privately with Either Manufacturer/Dealer Statutory Warranty Available or no Manufacturer/Dealer Statutory Warranty. Can you Offer a Warranty Extension for my Car?
Is the Warranty Extension Transferable if I Sell the Car?
How do I Make a Claim?
What Happens After I Purchase a Warranty Extension from

Explanation of Australian Consumer Law

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is Australia's national consumer law, replacing previous consumer protection laws in the Commonwealth, states and territories. The ACL applies at the Commonwealth level and in each state and territory.

This guide:‐rights‐guarantees/consumer‐guaranteesprovides information on the ACL for the motor car and motorcycle sales and repair industries.


It covers issues about which industry bodies have requested more detailed guidance and which consumers have frequently reported to national, state and territory consumer protection agencies.


This information will be relevant to:


  • licensed motor vehicle traders (including of cars and motorcycles)
  • mechanics and repair shops
  • motor vehicle manufacturers
  • motor vehicle industry associations.

The guide's main focus is on consumer issues related to defects and failures (both one‐off and repeated) in new and used motor vehicles.

In particular, it provides guidance on the legal rights and obligations created by consumer guarantees provided by the ACL. Remedies are available when motor vehicles do not meet the consumer guarantees in a way that is a:


  • major failure
  • minor failure that cannot be fixed, or
  • minor failure that can be fixed but is not fixed within a reasonable time.


If you choose to purchase extended warranty cover, you will be purchasing protection for your vehicle in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).


In some case this protection will overlap (partially or wholly) with the rights and remedies available to you under any applicable laws, including the Australian Consumer Law. Any rights or remedies you may have under any laws will not be affected by purchasing extended warranty cover and you are entitled to enforce those rights and remedies or rely on the protection provided by this policy at your discretion.


Although you are not required to pay for any rights or remedies you have under the Australian Consumer Law or equivalent rights and remedies, the amount you pay for the benefits under the extended warranty cover will not change to the extent that your rights under the Australian Consumer Law or any applicable laws overlap with such benefits.

A car warranty extension or extended car warranty is normally an extension of cover that is similar or like your manufacturer's warranty but with some exclusions for general wear and tear items (i.e glass, trim, paint, panel, tyres, exhaust and battery). The cover provides for the repair or replacement of mechanical and electrical failure or breakdown. Occasionally customers find themselves with an unexpected mechanical failure. Depending on the kind of failure, this may result in a substantial unplanned financial outlay. Eric Insurance offers a range of extended warranty options, which can provide you with protection for the costs of unforeseen mechanical failure during the period of cover.